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Adenovirus vectors have multiple applications. It can be used in gene therapy, as vaccines, oncolytic virus, etc. At VVector Bio we have developed a manufacturing process rendering high yield of adenoviral vectors in HEK-293 suspension cells. The yields in crude cell culture supernatant are at 109 virus particles per mL.

 Process package:

► Stock production

  • Single amplification round for adenoviral stock

 ► Production:

  • Infection of HEK-293 suspension cells at low MOI
  • Tailored fed-batch strategy and optimized process to obtain high yields

 ► Purification:

  • Concentration by cesium chloride ultracentrifugation

► Analytical:

  • Infection virus Particle concentration by TCID50
  • Total viral particles by  anion-exchange HPLC method
  • ddPCR 
  • Total protein 
  • Host cell protein, Host cell DNA (on request)
  • Electronic microscopy (on request)

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