Viral-based vaccines

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Viral-based vaccines

Our scientists have profound scientific knowledge and understanding of viruses and viral vaccines and have been involved in several successful vaccine development projects. We offer expert guidance to develop your project from design to final formulation. 


Application Fields:


  • Vesicular Stomatitis Virus (VSV) and Newcastle Disease Virus (NDV) produced in Vero cells
  •  Enveloped virus-like particles from HEK-293 cells and BV-insect cells
  • Influenza virus
  • Adenovirus (more information below)


Adenovirus vectors have multiple applications. They can be used in gene therapy, as vaccines, oncolytic virus, etc.


At VVector Bio we have developed a manufacturing process rendering high yield of adenoviral vectors in HEK-293 suspension cells. The yields in crude cell culture supernatant are at 109 virus particles per mL.

 Process package:


► Stock production

  • Single amplification round for adenoviral stock

 ► Production:

  • Infection of HEK-293 suspension cells at low MOI
  • Tailored fed-batch strategy and optimized process to obtain high yields

 ► Purification:

  • Concentration by cesium chloride ultracentrifugation

► Analytical:

  • Infection virus Particle concentration by TCID50
  • Total viral particles by  anion-exchange HPLC method
  • ddPCR 
  • Total protein 
  • Host cell protein, Host cell DNA (on request)
  • Electronic microscopy (on request)

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