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Upstream Process Development



The development of a robust and high yield cell culture process is a critical stage for the effective manufacturing of biological product.

At VVector Bio high-throughput screening can be perform at various scale ranging from 20 mL spin tubes; 20-50 mL shake flask to fully controlled 250 mL mini-bioreactor (Ambr250).

 In order to limit cost and time of the project, Design of Experiments (DOE) is used as a tool to identify the critical process parameter.

Cell culture process validation can be operated at 1L to 3L bioreactor scale.

 Intensification strategies includes:

  • Development of batch, fed-batch and perfusion strategies
  • Host cell infection & transfection optimization


  • Ambr 250 (6x)
  • 1 L Bioreactor (3x)
  • 3 L bioreactor (Applikon)
  • 10 L wave Bioreactor (Cytiva)

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